Laptop screen asks, "Is Your Website Costing You Clients?"

Is Your Website Attracting

the Clients You Need?

So How is Your Website
Working for You?

You’ve poured a whole lot of time, and probably a whole lot of money, into your website. It took weeks. Maybe even months.

And yes, you’ve had some visitors. Maybe even a couple of questions about your services.

But you expected…


Then what’s the problem?

To make a website lead-generating, there are
dozens of elements that must be included.

In the right place… and in the right form
to gain visitors and keep them on your site.

Businesswoman worrying about her company website

But most websites miss the mark because they were created by someone who is an expert in one area only.

Designers focus on…design.
Copywriters focus on…words.
Developers focus on…code.
Agencies focus on…bells and whistles.

And while those skills are extremely valuable,
they are only pieces of the puzzle.

The solution?

Create a Holistic Website ExperienceSM

One made specifically for YOUR IDEAL CLIENTS
that gets inside their heads and gets them pre-sold on your offer.

A Holistic Website Experience does four vital things.

Helps capture and keep your ideal clients’ attention.

Eliminates friction points that cause hesitation or doubt.

Makes visitors feel understood and inspired.

Leads them to take action (click, call, buy).

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Creating These Experiences is What I Do

My name is Patty Fogarty and I’m on a mission to save businesses and non-profits from the pain of ineffective websites.

I’ve taken my decades of experience in marketing, copywriting, user experience, and video production (working alongside every kind of media expert) and developed my own holistic approach to websites.

It’s an entire website strategy built around applying best practices to every element of a website.

No shiny objects.
Not the latest guru pronouncement on social media.
No outlandish promises.

Methods that have been proven to work time and again to gain visitors and get them to act.

Patty’s service was everything I was looking for

to help optimize my website experience.


She has a very keen eye in nailing the details that increase time-on-site. Her methodology is so comprehensive I was so impressed with how much support she provided.

But what I loved most was how she took the time to get to know who I was and the service I offered to help reflect my personality and the true essence of my service on my website. That’s something you just can’t put a price on, especially when it connects me to my ideal client.

I highly recommend Patty, she was so easy to work with, and I know you’ll see results with her help.

Roselle Pasetes

Functional Nutritionist

Just how do we create your
holistic website experience?

We start by having an in-depth conversation about you and your business.
By truly understanding your products and services, I’ll be able to use that info
to build an experience unique to your business.

Next, I’ll scour every bit of content on your site to identify any issues
preventing visitors from becoming leads. I’ll review and assess:


Target Audience



Calls to Action

Brand Positioning



On-site SEO

Story & Page Flow



First impressions

Image Use

User Experience

Voice & Tone




You see, friction points in or between these elements
can trip-up and confuse visitors.


Which could cause you to lose dozens of leads





So Instead of Missing Out on Tens,
Even Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars,
Why Not Find Out…


What's working, what's not and why.

Which items need changing most urgently.

Exactly what to do next.

Looking to enhance your web experience?
I highly recommend Patty!


Her knowledge of the ‘hidden underbelly” of effective websites helped me craft foundational, behind-the-scenes elements of a powerful website that draws clients. I gained an appreciation for the “less is more” approach that captures the interest of my clients as well as search engines that lead people to my services.

Patty listened to my passion for serving blended families and incorporated that in her recommendations throughout our work together.

Do you need to get noticed? Hire this woman!

Jennifer Rogers

Stepparent Coach


And once you get it right, you can be confident your site is doing its job…

hours a day

days a week

days a year

Here’s the Bottom line:

If no one visits, clicks or calls about your products or services,
your website isn’t doing its job.

Stop struggling.

Start Getting Clients.

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