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Project: White paper

Audience: B2B

The Ask: Security division of Fortune Global 50 corporation wanted to cement its position as an industry thought leader.
The Idea: Use deep research and extensive interviews to create a themed series of white papers demonstrating Siemens’ thought leadership in the future of cyber security.
The Results: A thematic progression of four white papers used in print and online. Unlike most digital material, the white papers stayed relevant and were still being downloaded two years later. One in the Food vertical won a baking industry award.

- Heather Rickert, Manager, Marketing


Project: Advertorial (print)

Audience: B2C

The Cardinal Bernardin Cancer Center decide to invest in a high-ticket advertorial spread in Cancer magazine, a consumer publication.

Interviewed patients, physicians and researchers to produce three-article spread.

(Quote from Joel Super)


Project: Website

Audience: B2B

The Ask: Upscale interior design firm wasn’t getting business from their website. They knew the copy needed work but weren’t sure where to start…or whether to start over.

The Idea: Keep the design for the most part, but completely overhaul the content and user experience. Assessed the entire site, remapped the content, rewrote everything including menus, CTAs, button copy, etc.

The Results: Visits? Time on site? Comments? Sales? Inquiries?

“Was all over the place. Now it feels cohesive. It makes sense. It makes people want to call us. And they do.”

- Jennifer Brown/Keith Anderson, Lead Designer


Project: Lead Magnet

Audience: B2B

The Ask:

The Idea: Give potential clients the information they needed to feel confident enough moving forward with building a new medical/dental clinic.

The Results: Current vs. new monthly traffic; downloads; inquiries


- Jennifer Brown/Keith Anderson, Lead Designer


Project: Lead Magnet welcome email sequence

Audience: B2B

The Ask: Marketing push for medical/dental vertical.

The Idea:

The Results: Open rate, click-thru rates, inquiries


- Jennifer Brown/Keith Anderson, Lead Designer


Project: Annual Report

Audience: B2B

The Ask: Use a ‘try something different’ approach for annual report shared with faculty, staff, donors, and the public.

The Idea: A ‘design first’ report that gave an infographic treatment to much of the boring, but important data shared.

The Results: A shorter, pithier retelling of the past year’s highlights.


Project: Marketing brochure (print)

Audience: B2C

The Ask: On behalf of a creative services agency, A master stair building company specializing in show-stopping staircases needed new marketing collateral but was having difficulty expressing the craftsmanship and intricate detail involved in creating feature staircases.

The Idea: Created a theme that addressed both the ‘art’ and the ‘science’ of stairbuilding.

The Results: A very happy business owner who was thrilled that we were able to finally explain his craft in a way customers could understand and appreciate.


- Conni Treantefeles, Agency Owner


Project: Case study (online)

Audience: B2B

The Ask: B2B enterprise technology sales cycles are notoriously long. Maintaining connection with the many levels of individuals involved in a purchase can be difficult over many months

The Idea: Develop a series of case studies featuring clients in differing verticals who have partnered with Siemens to improve their cyber and physical security.

The Results: A succession of success stories highlighting the varied ways Siemens contributes to their clients’ bottom line by providing enterprise-wide security.


Project: SEO articles (online)

Audience: B2C

Generated 25 SEO articles on dental health, insurance coverage and eye care for the Fortune 500 company.

One article remains the most sought after and read article on the entire Humana site.

(Kyle Dahl quote)


Project: HR Orientation Video/Corporate capabilities video

Audience: B2B

The Ask: HR, ownership and C-Suite had needs they felt could best be met with videos: 1. The industry turnover rate in the Warehouse and Logistics business is typically very high; 2.The company had never produced a corporate capabilities video and its recent level of growth made it the perfect time to do so.

The Idea: 1. An orientation video that spells out how much Romark cares about their employees and their families, offered by their colleagues, including recent hires and those that have been with the company for decades. 2. Highlights of the company’s services woven within their heart-felt and mission-driven service promise.

The Results: Too early to tell, but it was well received…


- Sharon McStine, Marketing Director


Project: Event program (print)

Audience: B2C

Wrote __________ and _____________ for the printed program for a prestigious annual awards event attended by hundreds of prominent families, businesspeople and clergy in Chicago.

Also served as proofreader.


Project: SEO articles

Audience: B2C

The Ask: Fortune 500 insurance company wanted to strengthen their Google rankings with additional educational articles in their online library.

The Idea: Using recently discovered keyword phrases, create a package of 25 SEO-driven articles for consumers interested in dental and vision insurance.

The Results: Slow but steady increase in search volume due to keyword integration and internal linking. One article remains the most read on the site.


- Kyle Dahl, Business Analyst
- Brad Sidio, Project Manager


Project: Sales emails

Audience: B2B

The Ask:

The Idea:

The Results:


Project: Product funnel

Audience: B2C

The Ask:

The Idea:

The Results:


-Kyle Dahl, Business Analyst
-Brad Sidio, Project Manager


Project: New product funnel (online)

Audience: B2B

The Ask: Using an agile process, increase conversions via UX writing and content design.

The Idea: Create and test varying iterations of page information over time.

The Results: Small, but consistent improvement over time.


- Kunal Anand, Project Manager
- Kinchit Desai, Project Manager
- Amy Smith, Director of…
- Bridget Jordan, Project Manager


Project: Product sell sheet

Audience: B2B

Client requested a document that could be used to presell a new product line, but done in a way that was different, more entertaining than usual.


Project: CBCC Advertorial

Audience: B2C

The Ask: A significant investment was made with a 5-figure placement in an industry magazine that reached consumers across the U.S. There was a great need to make an impression and not waste the opportunity.

The Idea: In three separate pieces, show the breadth of the Center’s services by featuring physicians and treatments, patient experiences, and cutting-edge research available.

The Results: Unknown.


Project: Stritch Awards

Audience: B2C, B2B

The Ask: Annual fundraising dinner attended by elite Chicago-area celebrities, families and professionals honoring winners of two prestigious service awards.

The Idea:

The Results:


- Ann Dillon, Director of Public Relations


Project: ENT Newsletter

Audience: B2B

The Ask: Help address the false assumption that referring patients to an academic medical center would result in those patients abandoning community physicians in favor of university professionals. Also show donors how their gifts are benefitting the public.

The Idea: Develop a quarterly newsletter to highlight the deep medical knowledge and experience of the academic physicians while continually reassuring physicians that there was no desire to steal patients.

The Results: Increase in physician referrals and improved relationships with formerly concerned community professionals. A handful called to congratulate the chairman on the newsletter.

- James A. Stankiewicz, M.D., Chairman


Project: Healthy Roselle (Website homepage)

Audience: B2B

The Ask: Nutritional consultant recognized the importance of getting her home page right when launching her new practice.

The Idea:

The Results:


- Rosell Pasetes, Nutritional Consultant


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